Till Makabert Väsen


Bergraven / 2009-07-10


Till Makabert Vasen encapsulates the mood/progressive nature of Dodsvisioner and takes it one step further with a more diverse range of vocal treatments and a masterful approach to overall song structure. On Till Makabert Vasen, Par perfected his already unique rendering of Nordic chants and vehement growls. Though, the real genius is in Par's ability to give you just enough room to breath before elegantly knocking the wind right out of you...

Till Makabert Väsen的曲目列表

01.Drömmen om undergång (9:16)
02.Fasa (6:00)
03.Asketens enda prydnad (8:39)
04.Hunger (7:08)
05.Det andra liket (8:35)
06.Jag lever djävul (4:22)
07.I timmen när allt är över (9:05)

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