Fallin' for You

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Colbie Caillat / 民谣 / 2009-06


When it has came down it, there are honestly very few singers right now that simply touch you in the heart, that aren't all about gimmicks or fancy gloss, just a simple voice of the soul. Colbie Calliat has honestly has been one of those few. Since she broke out a couple of years ago with Coco, she has really made great strides as a singer/songwriter. Her latest single Fallin' For You is honestly a very simple and mellow song. It really is quite relaxing, and follows well from the strength her other hits like Bubbly and her recent duet Lucky with Jason Mraz have score. I am very eager to see if Colbie's next record can shine just as well as she can sparkle.

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1.fallin' for you


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