Red Leafkies

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Shelley Harland / 2009-07-07


"In the light of the moon, I'm shying away from sleep and I'm here going through letters and souvenirs. Reading the blueprints of my life, but life didn't turn out to be what I had in mind.....” Shelley Harland’s debut single “Wonder” through Albert Music/SonyBMG is the perfect introduction to the singer-songwriter and producer who commutes between Sydney, New York and London. This tasteful, emotive slice of pop displays her gorgeous voice and ability to create a moody yet very intimate ambience. “Wonder” is taken from Shelley’s major label debut album “Red Leaf” due out in 2009. Shelley developed her talent for songwriting and programming living in New York - experimenting with music in her bedroom each evening and her amazing voice has inspired collaborations with Guru from Jazzmatazz, Junkie XL, Josh Abraham and Velvet Undergrounds John Cale — and other people whom she still works with.

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Wonder - Shelley Harland Stranger - Shelley Harland Hourglass - Shelley Harland In The Dark - Shelley Harland Friday - Shelley Harland Happy - Shelley Harland Clouds Disappear - Shelley Harland Sorry - Shelley Harland Bluebells - Shelley Harland Another Broken Heart - Shelley Harland Panic To Control - Shelley Harland Red Leaf - Shelley Harland


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