We'll Make It Right

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We'll Make It Right / 2009


From the 3rd till 10th of January 2009, Benny Sings, Bo Koek (Les Frogs), Bart Suèr, Dean Tippet, Roos Jonker and Extraa were We'll Make It Right. They planned a week long gathering in a place called The Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam. Bringing some instruments an a recorder, to set things straight. In a cabin with... "We'll Make It Right". They produced a full-length album of experimental pop songs.

We'll Make It Right的曲目列表

1. Stop Trying So Hard
2. My Best Friend
3. It Ain't All Good
4. Just Like A Man
5. For The Sleeping
6. Peace And Happiness
7. Some Say
8. Some Day
9. We'll make It Bright

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