Happy Ending After All

8.9 68人评价

Random / 电子 / 2005-01-01


Random's 8bitpeoples debut EP is a journey through emotions, melodies and rhythms. His simple but accurate style hits you with a tremendous Game Boy power - from the underwater adventure of "Searching for Atlantis" to the painful dream of "Grey Love" and the fragrance of spring expressed in "Nightflower". Random is surely one of the brightest young rising stars of the Game Boy scene. Chip dance boost! The path may be full of struggles, but in the end it's all very simple ... it's going to be a happy ending after all.

Happy Ending After All的曲目列表

1 Searching For Atlantis 3:22
2 Grey Love (Short Ver.) 1:58
3 Nightflower 2:53
4 Beautiful Brutality 2:28
5 The Wrong Mistake 2:53
6 Happy Ending After All 5:31

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