Dive Deep

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Morcheeba / 电子 / 2008-02-12


In a world choked with sound, it's difficult to find any music that truly lingers and resonates with the listener. Morhceeba are a fountain of such music. "Dive Deep" is an organic compilation of tracks written in the studio with several collaborating guest vocalists. The result reflects the musical diversity, which has made Morcheeba's prior works such a success. They are the most groove oriented act in the mid'90s female fronted electronica crowd. Morcheeba relies on the sweet, fluid vocals of Skye Edwards and a laidback mix of fusion, funk, and blues produced by brothers Paul and Ross Godfrey, on beats/scratches and guitar/keyboards, respectively. The trio was formed in 1995 when the Godfreys decided to go out on their own after co producing six tracks for David Byrne's album Feelings. 11 tracks. Ultra Records. 2008.

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Enjoy the Ride


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