Abnormally Attracted to Sin

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Tori Amos / 摇滚 / 2009-05-19


ABNORMALLY ATTRACTED TO SIN, Tori's tenth studio album, is another innovative chapter in the artist's trailblazing story. Every track on the album will be accompanied by a corresponding `visualette,' featuring footage that has been captured over the past year. Shot in HD and Super 8, the visualettes will incorporate a documentary style. Tori's most recent album, AMERICAN DOLL POSSE, which has been hailed by Rolling Stone magazine as `her best album in years,' was released in 2007 to a chorus of rave reviews. The captivating album, like many of her previous efforts, adhered to a strong conceptual theme, with Tori inhabiting multiple archetypal female personae, a testament to her willingness to continue to push the boundaries of the female singer/songwriter. Regarded as one of the most emotionally fearless live artists in music today, her most recent world tour, launched in the summer of 2007, saw her soar with her first full-fledged rock band in nearly a decade. Media platforms such as the BBC lauded both her live show and album as `returning Tori Amos back to the forefront of a genre she defined...still pushing her own boundaries.' With more than 12 million albums sold, and commanding a significant and uniquely loyal audience from the rock, pop, alternative, and under-the-radar regions of the music world, Ms. Amos has influenced a new generation of artists in a myriad of platforms. Most recently, she was the catalyst for a one-of-a-kind anthology chronicling her career, the 500 page Graphic Novel, Comic Book Tattoo, featuring stunning visual interpretations of her songs by more than 80 artists, (including an introduction by friend and creative influence artist Neil Gaiman, creator of the Sandman series). Her genre-shattering breakthrough in the early 1990s, including 1991's `Me And A Gun' EP, and 1992's masterwork, Little Earthquakes, single-handedly revived the piano-andsinger motif in rock music. Little Earthquakes went on to sell more than 3 million albums worldwide, with subsequent Grammy® nominated albums such as Under The Pink (1994), 1996's Boys For Pele, 2001's Strange Little Girls and 2002's Scarlet's Walk continuing to explore broader themes. Nominated for multiple awards, including ten Grammys®, Ms. Amos has been working on a musical for London's British National Theatre called The Light Princess tentatively scheduled to debut in 2010.

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