Dance Love Pop (Love Love Love Edition)

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Agnes / 2009-04-01


Agnes Carlsson,瑞典最暢銷女歌手。2009年04月01日发行了专辑的The Love Love Love Edition双CD版本,其中收录了3月份发行的一首新单曲。

Dance Love Pop (Love Love Love Edition)的曲目列表

CD 1
01. Release Me
02. On And On
03. Love Me Senseless
04. How Do You Know
05. I Need You Now
06. Look At Me Now
07. Don’t Pull Your Love Out
08. Open Up Your Eyes
09. Sometimes I Forget
10. Big Blue Wall
01. Love Love Love
02. Love Love Love (Extended Version)
03. On And On (Anotha Ding-an Be-an Version)
04. On And On (The Void Remix)
05. On And On (Acoustic Version)
06. Release Me (Pio Radio Remix)
07. Release Me (Acoustic Version, P3 Live Session)
08. On And On (Music Video)
09. Release Me (Music Video)

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