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Hannah Montana / 2009-07-07


Hannah Montana 3 is the upcoming soundtrack album for the Disney Channel Original Series, Hannah Montana. It will be released to stores and digital retailers on July 7, 2009 in the United States by Walt Disney Records.[4] [5] The album was originally set for release on July 14, 2009 but was pushed up a week.[5] Hannah Montana 3 is the fourth soundtrack in participation of Miley Cyrus's alter ego, Hannah Montana and ninth under the franchise. The album is the follow-up to the 2007, triple-platinum selling record,[6] Hannah Montana 2/Meet Miley Cyrus.
Singles from Hannah Montana 3
1."Let's Do This"
Released: December 13, 2008
2."Let's Get Crazy"
Released: January 19, 2009
3."Ice Cream Freeze (Let's Chill)"
Released: May 22, 2009
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迪斯尼频道原创系列Hannah Montana(汉娜蒙塔纳)的原声专辑《Hannah Montana 3 Soundtrack》即将发行,专辑将由Walt Disney Records在美国于2009年7月7日在商店和数字零售商发行。专辑原定于推迟一周于7月14日发行。 Hannah Montana 3是Miley Cyrus的秘密身份Hannah Montana参与的第四张原声专辑【Miley Cyrus在电视剧中扮演双重身份普通女孩和热门新生代歌星Hannah Montana】,上张原声专辑 Hannah Montana 2/Meet Miley Cyrus于07年发行3白金销售记录。【今年早期发行的 Hannah Montana: The Movie Soundtracks汉娜蒙塔纳电影版原声也销售出了过百万张的成绩】
【Kyle Ledger】

Hannah Montana 3的曲目列表

Standard Edition
# Title Length
1. "It's All Right Here" 3:49
2. "Let's Do This" 3:32
3. "Mixed Up" 3:52
4. "He Could Be the One" 3:00
5. "Just a Girl" 3:35
6. "I Wanna Know You" (featuring David Archuleta) 2:47
7. "Supergirl" 2:54
8. "Every Part of Me" 3:30
9. "Ice Cream Freeze (Let's Chill)" 3:07
10. "Don't Wanna Be Torn" 3:28
11. "Let's Get Crazy" 2:35
12. "I Wanna Know You" (Solo Version) 2:46
13. "Let's Make This Last 4Ever" (performed by Mitchel Musso) 3:12
14. "If We Were a Movie" (featuring Corbin Bleu) 3:04

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