Bag It!

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The Thing / 2009-06-16


2009 release. After four intensive days of recording with Steve Albini, The Thing created Bag It!, a new mastodon of ecstasy music. The Thing is well known for their Free Jazz versions of Rock classics from artists such as PJ Harvey, White Stripes, The Sonics, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Lightning Bolt. This time, the band is only doing two rock interpretations, one by Japan's 54 Nude Honeys and one by the The Ex/Muzsik s.

Bag It!的曲目列表

1 Hidegen Fujnak a Szelek 5:06
2 Drop the Gun 6:14
3 Bag It! 9:46
4 Snusvisan 4:58
5 Hot Doug 8:50
6 Mystery Song 4:59
7 Angels 7:08
Bonus CD
1 Beef Brisket (For Ruby's) 30:49

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