Adelitas Way

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Adelitas Way / 2009-07-14


"Invincible" isn't just the first single from edgy Las Vegas rock quintet Adelitas Way's self-titled Virgin/EMI Music debut album, it's also an apt description for singer Rick DeJesus' determination to succeed and overcome his background on the mean streets of a Philadelphia neighborhood ravaged by drugs and poverty.

A shredding, bluesy rocker, in which DeJesus explains he went for "that Incredible Hulk feeling," he calls it "a song that pumps you up, a crowd-pleaser. It's about our attitude: I'm not going to let anyone stand in the way of my dreams."

Adelitas Way--which also includes lead guitarist Chris Iorio, guitarist Keith Wallen, drummer Trevor Stafford and bassist Derek Johntson--are about to see those wishes come true. Produced by the Grammy-nominated Johnny K (Disturbed, Plain White T's, 3 Doors Down), the disc offers a variety of empowering and sexy rockers, spotlighting the shredding blues style of teenage axe-slinger Iorio and the propulsive, grunge-like drums of Huntington Beach, CA native Stafford, a veteran of Ozzfest band Shuvel. N.Y. bassist Johnston and West Virginia guitarist Wallen complete the line-up, bringing a combination of indie, hardcore and classic rock influences to the band's distinctive sound.

The hard-working group, whose name comes from an unlikely stay in a Tijuana brothel, has already opened for artists like Chris Cornell, Hinder and Tantric, generating an impressive industry buzz that resulted in their signing with Virgin.

Describing his songwriting, Rick explains "I'm very emotional, I put myself in people's shoes and live vicariously. My songs are about true situations."

Adelitas Way的曲目列表

1 Invincible
2 Scream
3 Dirty Little Thing
4 Last Stand
5 Hate Love
6 So What If You Go
7 Closer To You
8 Just A Little Bit
9 All Falls Down
10 My Derailment
11 Brother

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