He Was King

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Felix Da Housecat / 2009-08-24


Felix Da Housecat will return to the land of the full-length in August with He Was King.
Felix, of course, has a long history in dance music, one that saw him gain more mainstream exposure with the release of Kittenz & The Glitz in the early '00s. Since then, he's been busy traveling the world, making mix CDs and recently has even started streaming his sets live on the internet. This album, however, follows in a long tradition of studio work. It's his tenth, and will be yet another bid for crossover appeal. Says Da Housecat, "Whereas Kittenz & The Glitz was straight up electro, He Was King is straight Felix Da Housecat pop with a nice electronic feel."

He Was King的曲目列表

01. We All Wanna Be Prince
02. Plastik Fantastik
03. Kickdrum
04. Do We Move Your World
05. We
06. Spank You Very Much
07. Do Not Try This At Home
08. Turn Me On A Summer Smile
09. Elvi$
10. LA Ravers
11. Machine
12. He Was King

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