A Low High

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All India Radio / 2009-05-26


All india radio return to the lush atmospheric and instrumental soundscapes of their earlier work on their new album a low high. Guests include graham lee (the triffids) and some evocative ambient sounds from rock legend ed kuepper (the saints & nick cave/bad seeds). All india radio have just finished a collaboration with australian music icon steve kilbey (the church) who wrote the magical 'under the milky way' (rediscovered by the world in the hit movie 'donnie darko').

A Low High的曲目列表

1 Solstice 3:22
2 Black Satin 3:47
3 Intrigue 5:25
4 Lucky 4:00
5 Under Moon 3:15
6 Heat 2 4:22
7 Gravel 1:40
8 Lo Fi Groovy (Mk Mix) 3:34
9 Lightship 2:37
10 Little Emu 4:50
11 A Low High 3:53
12 White Satin 2:54
13 Air 2:47

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