Totems Flare

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Clark / 2009-07-13


2009 release from one of the Warp label's rising stars. Totems Flare is the Berlin-based, UK native's boldest effort to date, featuring breakneck Dance, driving Techno and baroque melodics. It's also perhaps his most accessible, as it's the first to feature his own vocals. All of the hyperactive intellect and technically dazzling detail you'd expect from this master Electronic producer is here, but there is straightforward musicianship at work that is no longer subtle - Chris uses guitar, drums and piano (albeit unrecognizably processed at times)

Totems Flare的曲目列表

01 outside plume
02 growls garden
03 rainbow voodoo
04 look into the heart now
05 luxman furs
06 totem crackerjack
07 future daniel
08 primary balloon landing
09 talis
10 suns of temper
11 absence

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