The End Of Maiden Trip

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The Sunday Drivers / 2009-06-15


The Sunday Drivers was formed in Toledo at the end of 1999. In the beginning we were four: Carlos (drums), Jero (vocals, guitar), Miguel (bass) and Fausto (guitar). In January 2002, we were invited by the indy music website to play in a party in the Moby Dick club, in Madrid. After seeing us in that concert, Rock Indiana, our first record label, signed us, and with them we recorded our debut album, entitled "The Sunday Drivers". The album went on sale in July 2002: it has eleven songs, some that already existed on the demos, recorded in Estudios Brazil in Rivas-Vaciamadrid (Spain) in the month of April of that year with Javi Ortiz engineering and producing. Later (February 2003), the single "Time Time Time" was taken from the album.
From the album's release, we started playing more often; we played in a number of festivals: Espárrago, Lemon Pop, Supersónico, Autumn Almanac, Summer in the City, etc. and in many cities. Without a doubt, the first half of 2003 was very important for the group: first place in a competition for young artists in Castilla-La Mancha region, well known for its cheese and fine wines. We weren't spring chickens anymore nor considered ourselves artists, so we still wonder about that one. Third prize in the "Villa de Bilbao" contest, we supported The Jeevas and Arlo on their respective Spanish tours... in total a hundred gigs in a year and a half that reached its peak at FIB 200
The collaboration with Lyndon Parish, a Welsh friend and musician should be mentioned. He had the job of orchestral and vocal arrangements, as well as sleeping on the studio floor for a night or two. Lyndon, who started as the arranger for the album is now another member of the group. At this pace, by the fifth album we'll be at least eight in the band. Of all the concerts, the Festival Transmusicales de Rennes (France) has a special place in our hearts as it was our first time, as a group, outside Spain. We also remember with great fondness the sold-out concert we played in Arena in Madrid and we will never forget the experience of being selected by Wilco to support them on their Spanish tour.
On the 26th of April 2005, the French company naïve released "Little Heart Attacks" in France and already it is being released in other European countries: Holland, Greece, Luxembourg, Belgium… The reception of the album in France has been fantastic, and we played in various top level festivals (Vieilles Charrues, Rock en Seine, Artrock, Les Mediterranées, Musilac Aix-les-Bains, JDM Festival...), as well as the country's #1 radio and TV music programs. Finally, last October we completed a 3-week "Tour de France". Apart from this, we have a new project that we are currently working on: the new album.

The End Of Maiden Trip的曲目列表

01 My plan
02 I
03 Guerrilla
04 Everything reminds me of you
05 Specially (today)
06 A miracle
07 So what
08 (Hola) to see the animals
09 Hold on to love
10 Passing you by
11 Smile
12 Row
13 The end of maiden trip

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