Harder Than Easy

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Jack Savoretti / 流行 / 2010-02-01


'Harder Than Easy' is the second album from British-Italiansinger/songwriter Jack Savoretti. Recorded at Jackson Browne's studios in LA with the help of Jack Joseph Puig (Snow Patrol, U2, Klaxons) and backed by members of Counting Crows, The Suppliers and Tom Waits' band, Savoretti delivers an album of folk and country inspired songs echoing the early workof Bob Dylan, Van Morrison and Nick Drake. The lead single 'Map of The World' is included.

Harder Than Easy的曲目列表

1. Map Of The World
2. Wonder
3. Northern Sky
4. Lost America
5. Mother
6. Songs From Different Times
7. Russian Roulette
8. Breaking News
9. Harder Than Easy
10. Patriot

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