Sea Sew

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Lisa Hannigan / 民谣 / 2009-04-07


Irish-only 2008 debut album from the singer/songwriter, housed in a sleeve that Lisa did the needle-work for herself, The album features 10 tracks including `An Ocean And A Rock', `Venn Diagram' and the lead single, `Lille'. Musical personnel on the album includes Donagh Molloy, Tomo, Shane Fitzsimons, Lucy Wilkins, Vyvienne Long, Gavin Glass and Cathy Davey who provides backing vocals on some of the songs. Lisa has contributed guest vocals on a number of other artists' recordings, including The Frames, Mic Christopher, and Herbie Hancock. She performed on the track 'Don't Explain,' with Damien Rice on Hancock's album, Possibilities.

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Ocean and a Rock


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