A Fine Mess

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Kate Voegele / 2009-05-18


Kate Voegele (you may remember her song "Only Fooling Myself," which seemed like it was everywhere for a while) is coming out with a new album in May, and Seventeen has the exclusive first look at the album cover and all the deets!
The album is called A Fine Mess, and one of the tracks, "Manhattan from the Sky," will be featured on an upcoming episode of One Tree Hill, which airs on March 23. Make sure to listen out for it!

A Fine Mess的曲目列表

1. Inside Out
2. 99 Times
3. Who You Are Without Me
4. Angel
5. Sweet Silver Lining
6. Playing With My Heart
7. Manhattan from the Sky
8. Talkin' Smooth
9. Lift Me Up

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