Smart Casual

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Kids in Glass Houses / 2008-06-18


Japanese pressing of 2008 debut album from the UK Alternative Pop rockers. Kids In Glass Houses' music is a heady amalgamation of the Rock, Punk, and Indie that sound tracked their formative years. The raw energy and all-out clout of songs like the single 'Give Me What I Want' and rabble-rousing opener 'Fisticuffs' are fused fluently with the restrained Pop sensibility of 'Saturday' and 'Pillow Talk', both of which betray a respect and admiration for the hook-laden legacies of heavyweight established artists like The Police, Prince, The Cure and Duran Duran, making Smart Casual a furious and impossibly beguiling debut record. Also features the single 'Easy Tiger'. This version comes with one exclusive bonus track, 'Be Nice'. Roadrunner.

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