The Impressions

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The Impressions / 1963


The first Impressions LP was one of the finest debuts of any '60s soul act, though it excelled in part because it featured a backlog of chart singles (five had charted previously, and "It's All Right" became the sixth after it was quickly added to the original program). Curtis Mayfield wrote all but two of the songs, stretching back to 1961's "Gypsy Woman" (which he'd actually written at the age of 14) but mostly including strong 1962-1963 material like the hit "Little Young Lover," "Grow Closer Together," "I'm the One Who Loves You," and "Minstrel and Queen." "It's All Right" was easily the best song here, accented by the group's sublime harmonies, arranger Johnny Pate's swinging horn section, and Mayfield's precise guitar work. The group also showed an unsurprising reverence for classic doo wop, beautifully remaking "Never Let Me Go," a Top Ten R&B hit for Johnny Ace in 1954. Even the closer, a tossed-off novelty called "Twist and Limbo," is an excellent performance and a genuinely fun song. Mayfield's disarmingly brilliant songs were really the only necessary element toward making The Impressions a strong LP, but the mesmerizing vocals and sympathetic arrangements made for a classic work of Chicago soul.

The Impressions的曲目列表

1 It's All Right Mayfield
2 Gypsy Woman Mayfield
3 Grow Closer Together Mayfield
4 Little Young Lover Mayfield
5 You've Come Home Mayfield
6 Never Let Me Go Scott
7 Minstrel and Queen (Queen Majesty) Mayfield
8 I Need Your Love Brooks
9 I'm the One Who Loves You Mayfield
10 Sad, Sad Girl and Boy Mayfield
11 As Long as You Love Me Mayfield
12 Twist and Limbo Mayfield

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