Bullet Proof

8.5 319人评价

La Roux / 电子 / 2009-06-23


UK three track CD pressing of this single lifted from her 2009 self-titled debut album. With the mixture of heart-stopping Techno Disco production, heart-tugging lyrics and her '80s sci-fi Blitz Kid style screaming future icon, the 21 year old South London redhead is looking and sounding more than ever like the result of an orbiting race of electro aliens that picked up a transmission of Eurythmics on MTV in 1982, subjected it to terrifying space pop experiments then finally 28 years later beaming back down their own girl-that-fell-to-earth androgynous android pop sensation. Features three versions of 'Bulletproof': Main Version, Zinc Remix and Tepr TsunAimee Remix. Polydor.

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