Dina Dinah

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Amélie / 2009-05-25


One year ago, we presented to you Amélie and his album The Real Nature off The Fantastic Ice Cream through its interview. It foamed of many scenes to present its universe and its album finished its course by a beautiful reward: that of the Price Adami-Bruno Coquatrix 2009. Strong this rich year, Amélie returns with a new album Dina Dinah whose exit is envisaged next on May 25. L' artist offers some new titles on his official site: one per month. You can thus discover the first extract, Horses. One finds there the so particular grain of his voice, his childish and poetic writing in Tim Burton and a folk entêtante.

Dina Dinah的曲目列表

01. Sweet Protection
02. Someday We'll Turn to Dust
03. Underlake
04. Big Wolf
05. Horses
06. Refugees from the Past
07. Kids
08. Torero of the Speech
09. Where is the Beauty
10. The Bright Sound Of Crystal Bones

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