Nothing Personal

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All Time Low / 摇滚 / 2009-07-07


All Time Low is scheduled to release their third studio album on July 7, 2009, titled Nothing Personal.[6] The band is finished recording, with it being produced by Matt Squire, Butch Walker, David Bendeth and the team of S*A*M & Sluggo.[6]
On March 24, 2009, a new song named "Weightless" was made available online at and then for purchase on April 7, 2009 in the iTunes Store. It is the first track to be released from Nothing Personal.[13]
Vocalist Alex Gaskarth explained to Alternative Press, "our music explains all the troubles we've been has many things.. This time, we tried to explore something a little bit deeper. We're exploring some new moods, which is pretty cool."[6] The band's collaboration on a song Alive with Mark Hoppus of Blink-182, will not feature on Nothing Personal, with the singer stating, "It just didn't fit the vibe of the record," but, "It will definitely come out at some time." [6]
On June 3 and 6, 2009, two clips of songs on Nothing Personal surfaced on, one being "Damned If I Do Ya" and the other a demo verison of "Lost In Stereo". On June 16, 2009, the album's second single, "Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't)", was made available on the iTunes Store, just a day after the band released it on their MySpace.
The entire album was made available for streaming download on June 30, 2009 through MTV's The Leak.

Nothing Personal的曲目列表

1. "Weightless" — 3:18
2. "Break Your Little Heart" — 2:52
3. "Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't)" — 3:07
4. "Lost in Stereo" — 3:48
5. "Stella" — 3:24
6. "Sick Little Games" — 3:36
7. "Hello, Brooklyn" — 3:30
8. "Walls" — 3:11
9. "Too Much" — 4:15
10. "Keep the Change, You Filthy Animal" — 3:20
11. "A Party Song (The Walk of Shame)" — 2:59
12. "Therapy" — 3:44

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