Seagull To Hell

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Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her / 1993


Aiha & Sachiko Ito were the original SSKHKH. Five friends are listed as helping. Nao and Takape are not involved. Aiha seems a bit embarrassed by this CD now. She needn’t be. The first three tracks were released on a 7-inch (10/92). The others were done while Aiha was on a break from New York (5/93). Her head-first approach to recording began here. Swear words appear in tracks 5 & 6, but her vocals are cuter on this CD. There’s a love song to her pet, a fun band theme, some hot guitar, and good tunes overall. The songs only hint at what was coming, but the sweetness is pleasant.

Seagull To Hell的曲目列表

1. Losey Is My Dog
2. A Prince Happy
3. Davy Baby
4. Seagull’s Theme
5. Thurston & Kim & Me
6. Mon Amour (4-Track Demo)

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