N Gatz We Truss

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South Central Cartel / 说唱 / 1995-11-07


South Central Cartel is a Los Angeles-based gangsta rap group. As one of the original early-’90s West Coast gangsta collectives to follow N.W.A.’s lead, South Central Cartel first appeared with their debut album South Central Madness in 1991, before releasing a succession of albums throughout the remainder of the decade.
‘N Gatz We Truss is the second album by the South Central Cartel. The album was released on May 10, 1994 for G.W.K. Records and distributed by Def Jam Records. The album features guest appearances by several West Coast heavyweights, including: Spice 1, 2Pac, Ice-T, MC Eiht and also Big Mike of the Geto Boys. The album introduced a new member to the group, Young Prodeje. Along with singles, music videos were produced for the songs: “Servin’ Em Heat”, “Gang Stories”, “Seventeen Switches” and “It’s a S.C.C. Thang”.

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Bring It On


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