Off The Deep End

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The Friday Night Boys / 2009-06-09


Like many of today's breakthrough musical acts, The Friday Night Boys got their start on the Internet. Just one year after this g roup of tight-knit high-school acquaintances formed the group, they self-recorded and released The Sketch Process EP, and were shocked by the way it took off. The EP would go on to be the catalyst for the band's appearance on MTV's Total Request Live's 'On Your Radar' segment for unsigned bands. While selling over 40,000 downloads, it caught the attention of All Time Low's Alex Gaskarth, who signed them to his new imprint The Party Scene in conjunction with Fueled By Ramen Records and Photo Finish Records. Once you hear the band's debut full-length Off The Deep End, it will be no surprise why MTV recently christened The Friday Night Boys one of their 2009 Rock Rookies. Produced by Emanuel Kiriakou, the album shows how much the band has grown in the past year and features everything from instantly accessible power ballads ('She's Finding Me Out') to energetic pop-punk rockers ('Suicide Sunday') and everything in between.

Off The Deep End的曲目列表

Permanent Heartbreak
Stupid Love Letter
Suicide Sunday
Finding Me Out
Can't Take That Away
How I Met Your Mother
The First Time (Natalie's Song)
Molly Makeout
Unforget You
Sorry I Stole Your Gurl

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