Dawn lamb

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The Seal Cub Clubbing Club / 2009-04-06


The Seal Cub Clubbing Club is releasing their first single, "Dawn Lamb" from their upcoming debut album, entitled "Super Science Fiction", on 6th April. This radio-friendly single features a ridiculously catchy chorus that is sure to get as stuck in your head as saying the band name gets stuck on your tongue. Featured alongside the radio edit are remixes by Tom Eno, who contributed to the "Hotel Costes" compilation series of releases from an hotel in Paris of the same name and Gillan McLaughlin (aka Polka Face).

Dawn lamb的曲目列表

01. Dawn Lamb (Radio Edit)
02. Dawn Lamb (Tom Eno Remix)
03. Dawn Lamb (Polka Face Remix)
04. Dawn Lamb (Album Version)


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