Goodnight Bull Creek!

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Bob Evans / 2009-04-07


Strange things happen in nashville, tennessee. People forget who they are. Dreams come true. Fingers get covered in blisters. All of these things happened to kevin mitchell, erstwhile front man of much-loved, perth indie band jebediah, now an aria award-winning, singer-songwriter performing under the name bob evans, during the making of his third album, 'goodnight, bull creek!'. 'goodnight, bull creek!' is the follow-up to the aria-award winning 'suburban songbook' and like that album, it was recorded in nashville with brad jones. This album comes with a larger sound - more instrumentation, more rock, and a touch of something more extraordinary.

Goodnight Bull Creek!的曲目列表

1. "Someone So Much" — 3:34
2. "Pasha Bulker" — 3:15
3. "Hand Me Downs" — 3:32
4. "Your Love" — 3:21
5. "Wintersong" — 4:15
6. "We're a Mess" — 3:06
7. "Nuthin's Gonna Tear Me Away From You" — 3:15
8. "Power of Speech" — 3:47
9. "Brother, O Brother" — 4:01
10. "It's a Beginning" — 3:22
11. "Everything Goes" — 2:43

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