Sapere Aude

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Eldar / 2009-04-27


Label: Cold Meat Industry
Catalog#: CMI195
Format: CD, Album, Digipak
Country: Sweden
Released: 31 Mar 2009
Genre: Brass & Military, Electronic, Non-Music
Style: Dark Ambient, Industrial
Credits: Arranged By - Merce Spica
Composed By - Marc Merinee
Notes: This album has been created thanks to the relations by ELDAR during 2008 with other bands in the Spanish and American landscape. Noting that the new bands were emerging in Spain and other countries with a common bond, the idea of creating an album of collaborations with them. Thus creating a closer relationship between the different bands that make up this alternative to the current scene.
In each song the degree of collaboration has been different from the overall composition of the song to song and versions created by introducing new instruments, melodies and voices. All the songs were treated as if it were an album of original ELDAR to maintain a connection and style throughout the album. All contributions of the various bands that have participated in the project, were treated to conform to the original sound of ELDAR.

Sapere Aude的曲目列表

1. Zeitgeist
2. Le syndrome de Cotard (with Psychaotic)
3. The Grave of mankind (with Der Blauer Reiter)
4. From the deep sea (with The Wyrm)
5. New Gods (with Nurss)
6. Lied der neuen welt (with Persona)
7. Alexander Nexsky (with R.E.O.)
8. Untitled (with Argentum)
9. Aevum VI (with Verbum)
10.Una madre reptil en el nido (with Miguel Mazur)
11. Contubernio (with Plagiarism Is Art)
12. Horus (with Erg)
13. Faith is a lie (with Ruins Winter)
14. 18 Julio (with Lomo Bajo)
15. 26 de Diciembre (with Escuadron de la Muerte)

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