Where Are You Now My Son

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Joan Baez / 民谣 / 1973-03


Where Are You Now, My Son? is an album Joan Baez released in early 1973. One side of the album featured recordings Baez made during a US bombing raid on Hanoi over Christmas 1972. Included on the recording are the voices of Barry Romo, Michael Allen, and human rights attorney Telford Taylor, with whom Baez made her famous 1972 visit to North Vietnam.
The album's other side, featuring songs, written by Baez, Mimi Fariña and Hoyt Axton, was recorded in Nashville in January 1973.
From the album's liner notes:
"...The war in Indochina is not yet over, and the war against violence has barely begun...." - Joan Baez

Where Are You Now My Son的曲目列表

Only Heaven Knows
Less Than the Song (Hoyt Axton)
A Young Gypsy
Mary Call (Mimi Fariña)
Rider, Pass By
Best of Friends (Mimi Fariña)
Where Are You Now, My Son?

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