Give in to Me

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Michael Jackson / 流行 / 1993-02-15


"Give In to Me" is a song by Michael Jackson which was released in 1993.It is the tenth track on Michael Jackson's 1991 studio album Dangerous. The single peaked at number one in New Zealand for four consecutive weeks, and at number two on the UK Singles Chart. Stylistically, "Give In to Me" is a hard rock ballad which featured Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash. Some suggest that the song, also considered a heavy metal ballad, has an aggressive sexual flavor. The single was released in Europe, Australia and New Zealand only. The single release's B-sides include the album versions of "Dirty Diana" and "Beat It".

Give in to Me的曲目列表

"Give In to Me" – 5:28
"Dirty Diana" – 4:52
"Beat It" – 4:17


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