Stolen Moments

8.8 19人评价

Stanley Jordan / 1991-11-12


This trio set with bassist Charnett Moffett and drummer Kenwood Dennard features the tapping guitarist Stanley Jordan during a typical live show from 1990 playing many songs that he had previously recorded. While "Stairway to Heaven" is treated as very credible rock and "Lady in My Life" gets funky, "Autumn Leaves" really cooks and Jordan fares well on "Stolen Moments" (during which he does a strong imitation of a keyboard) and "Impressions." Jordan's lone original, the rockish "Return Expedition" is at 15 minutes way too long and serves primarily as an opportunity for his two fine backup players to take lengthy solos. Jordan's unaccompanied display on the concluding "Over the Rainbow" finishes an interesting program.

Players Include:
Stanley Jordan - Electric Guitar
Kenwood Dennard - Drums
Charnett Moffett - Bass, Bass (Electric) Bass(Acoustic)

Stolen Moments的曲目列表

Stairway to Heaven - Stanley Jordan, Page, Jimmy


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