Quiet Windows

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sonicbrat / 2009-03-22


Behind every window, there is a story... some musings, and little secrets. This is mine. “Quiet Windows” draws inspirations from little things in my life. Some good ones, and some depressing. From reminiscing a certain past, to simply looking at condensation on my window panes on a cold day, staring out at the myriads of listless concrete high-rise flats; and behind each of those windows, perhaps another pair of eyes are staring out too.
They say no man is an island, but I’ve stayed alone in close solitude for almost three years, hardly out of the house, I began to remember myself, discovered new self doubts and almost gave up on music. I am glad I stayed on, and “Quiet Windows” is a landmark in my life for that.
“Quiet Windows” is a music and sound project that has taken nine months in the making. I hope you’ll enjoy this album.

Quiet Windows的曲目列表

01 - sunrise
02 - fading in
03 - when i used to be
04 - paper aeroplanes
05 - moth in the lamp
06 - in the air i breathe
07 - melancholic trees
08 - tearing glass
09 - a world within
10 - passing showers
11 - aleatoric lullaby
12 - two moons

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