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Bonnie "Prince" Billy / 民谣 / 2009


In a recent interview with The New Yorker, Will Oldham referred to his upcoming Bonnie "Prince" Billy album Beware as "the big record" as opposed to last year's Lie Down in the Light aka "the little record." He was talking about Beware's increased promo push-- the usually press-shy Oldham is planning to do some photo shoots and interviews to plug the record "if only to prove that record promotion doesn't really work, at least not for him," according to the piece. So get ready for some hot face hair snaps to stick alongside the Fleet Foxes and My Morning Jacket posters above your bed.
Go ahead and start with the sufficiently brooding, silhouetted cover of Beware. It's especially cool because if you look at it just so you can see a beautiful opera singer. See it? No? Keep looking!
Beware, which features many guests including ex-Wilco multi-instrumentalist Leroy Bach and the Mekons' Jon Langford, will hit the UK on March 16 (via Domino) and in the U.S. on March 17 (via Drag City). The "bigness" also involves a rather large North American tour starting in March; see dates below.


1 Beware Your Only Friend 4:02
2 You Can't Hurt Me Now 3:43
3 My Life's Work 3:54
4 Death Final 3:02
5 Heart's Arms 3:27
6 You Don't Love Me 3:10
7 You Are Lost 2:55
8 I Won't Ask Again 4:26
9 I Don't Belong to Anyone 3:16
10 There Is Something I Have to Say 3:20
11 I Am Goodbye 2:21
12 Without Work, You Have Nothing 3:45
13 Afraid Ain't Me 4:49





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