Many Facez

9.0 66人评价

Tracey Lee / 说唱 / 1997-04-08


“The Theme (It’s Party Time)” was a killer first single, complete with a nagging hook and thumping grooves. Tracey Lee’s debut album, Many Facez, doesn’t quite live up to the high standards of “The Theme,” but it’s not for lack of trying. Instead of working the same party groove, Lee is all over the place, not only musically but also with his rapping — it’s as if he’s trying to demonstrate that there’s far more depth to him than just party music. He succeeds in proving that, but he fails to tell the audience what exactly he is. But that’s part of the appeal of Many Facez — the instrumental backing may not be much, but Lee’s show is incredible, as he tries out countless rhythmic styles. If he can marry these flights of fancy to equally imaginative music — and if he can write some cohesive lyrics — Lee could turn into something truly special, but as it stands, Many Facez is a fine, occasionally thrilling debut.

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Intro: T.R.A.C.E.Y.L.E.E.


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