7.3 42人评价

The Sleepover Disaster / 摇滚 / 2009-02-10


"Layered soundscapes of guitars married to some pounding postshoegazer rock ... This record is just shockingly great. Fire up that browser and get out the credit card." -- The Big Takeover "Dreamy-yet-intense shoegazer pop. Rightfully, it should be loud." -- Magnet "Great songs ... complete with guitar overload and 6-string beauty as well. A classic if anyone's looking." -- Dagger

There is something to be said for dedication and hard work, and The Sleepover Disaster is the embodiment of these qualities. The Californiabased three-piece has hit its stride with its first nationally distributed release after a number of critically acclaimed homemade releases and selfbooked tours. Blending a rich mix of swirling, lush guitars that build a wall of sound that carries intelligent lyrics over the top of a solid backbeat, The Sleepover Disaster has taken it to the next level. The members like to call it "nogaze"--taking the roots of the early '90s shoegaze scene and giving it a 21st century twist. The Sleepover Disaster has played with Earlimart, Starflyer 59, Radar Bros, Great Northern, and Lagwagon. Along the way they've released four recordings, all receiving glowing reviews from outlets such as Magnet, Alternative Press, Paste, The Big Takeover, Dagger, and Losing Today. The band has also garnered college radio and independent radio play across the US, and internationally.








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