The Ecstatic

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Mos Def / 说唱 / 2009-06-09


The Ecstatic is the fourth solo album from New York MC, Mos Def. The album is slated for a release on June 09, 2009.
In recent shows Mos Def has performed new songs from his upcoming album, The Ecstatic. Crowds have heard tracks produced by Madlib and Oh No (Madlib’s younger brother). Other confirmed tracks on the album are "Auditorium" featuring Slick Rick, produced by Madlib, "Super Magic" produced by Oh No and "Twilite Speedball" produced By Chad Hugo & Mos Def. The album is expected to feature collaborations with Slick Rick, Talib Kweli, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Black Thought and Jay Electronica, as well as production by Mr. Flash and the late J. Dilla. The first single off the album is 'Life In Marvelous Times', the second single is 'Quiet Dog', and the third single is 'Casa Bey'. The song 'Casa Bey' was recently made into an official music video that was released via Mos Def's Myspace page. Snippets of the album's songs were released on May 26.
Wednesday, June 3rd it was announced that the album had yet again been pushed back, this time to Tuesday, August 24, 2009. However, This was later reported false by representative of Mos Def
The song "History" produced by J Dilla uses the same beat as track 13 on Skyzoo's The City's Favorite Mixtape

The Ecstatic的曲目列表

01. Supermagic
02. Twilite Speedball
03. Auditiorium Ft. Slick Rick
04. Wahid
05. Priority
06. Quiet Dog Bite Hard
07. Life In Marvelous Times
08. The Embassy
09. No Hay Nada Mas
10. Pistola
11. Pretty Danger
12. Workers Comp.
13. Revelations
14. Roses Ft. Georgia Anne Muldrow
15. History Ft. Talib Kweli
16. Casa Bey

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