Drop Your Sword

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Day Sleeper / 2009


"Drop Your Sword is full of energetic hooks, jangly tambourine, and deliberately jarring feedback (not to mention hecka guitar in the spotlight). It's a little shoegazey and a lot playful." - AURAL WES
"Warm and tender Shoegaze from Boston." - The Last Pop Song
"Debutto coi fiocchi per questi ragazzi di Boston che hanno impiegato più di un anno prima di dare alle stampe Drop The Sword. Il progetto parte da un amore incondizionato verso l'intensità sonora tipica dell'età d'oro del feedback con il cantato però che si deve sentire ." - Discheria ElRocco
"In this time where you can’t listen to an indie rock album from the start to finish, this is a surprising non-skipper." - undomondo
"I really love that song He Sailed Away. The tone of everything is beautiful, that bass sound is hot, that guitar tone is hot, the vocals are so good and they are always climbing and when they reach the top it's like I gotta bust my nut, the harmonies near the end are great, the pentatonic shit is so hot, the break down is great, the tune is catchy and musical as fuck, and it makes me happy." - WSUM

Drop Your Sword的曲目列表

1 he sailed away
2 on our way
3 for all I know
4 time and place
5 fall out
6 la taille
7 lost my mind
8 valse de lune
9 he’s racing me
10 belle
11 molly minus
12 laura
13 you knew

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