The Toiling Of Idle Hands


John Tejada / 电子 / 2003-11-04


LA’s mystery man, Vienna-born techno producer - John Tejada - is a premier musical innovator. Versed in piano, guitar, and drums, the son of a soprano singer and musical conductor, Tejada transcends the easy limitations of genre and style. John has released music on such esteemed and seminal electronic music labels as A13, R&S, Plug Research, Seventh City, and Playhouse.

Not one to be held down to any genre, he is responsible for the massive selling ‘breaks and beats’ sample CD’s L.A. Riot and Wall of Vinyl, released drum’n’bass tracks for the San Francisco-based Phunkatech label, and plays guitar in the indie rock band I’m Not A Gun, as well as making some of the finest techno in the world.

A prolific and in-demand remixer, John’s fresh and unprecedented sound has graced the likes of The Postal Service (Sub Pop), Re:Jazz (Infracom), Ben Mono (Compost) and Rima (with collaborator Titonton Duvante) on Jazzanova Following all his successes, he established his own imprint, Palette Recordings in 1996, gaining him recognition as an artist to watch in 1998 from US dance music bibles URB and XLR8R.

The Toiling of Idle Hands sets Tejada upon the legacy left by Detroit techno pioneers Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, and Juan Atkins. The album is so classic, yet futuristic, one would swear it was an unreleased gem unearthed in the vaults of KMS or Transmat!

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Sound of Possibility


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