One Eye To Morocco

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Ian Gillan / 2009-03-31


2009 album from the legendary Rock vocalist. Ian Gillan is renowned both as a member of Deep Purple, as well as leader of Gillan. Despite often being called a 'Heavy Metal Pioneer', Ian Gillan never felt he really belonged to that music category. His all time music inspiration and heroes are names such as James Brown, Ray Charles, Little Richard and the rockers of the '50s. It`s with no surprise that all true Ian Gillan connoisseurs will find all these influences on this release. A 100% rock album, One Eye To Morocco will conquer new and old Gillan fans with an impressive collection of songs showing a big variety of moods and colors. From classic Gillan Rock to the Arabic sound of the title track plus soulful ballads and bluesy mid-tempo rockers. 12 tracks. Edel.

One Eye To Morocco的曲目列表

01One Eye To Morocco
02No Lotion For That
03Don't Stop
04Change My Ways
05Girl Goes To Show
06Better Days
07Deal With It
08Ultimate Groove
09The Sky Is Falling Down
10Texas State Of Mind
11It Would Be Nice
12Always The Traveller

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