Without Sinking

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Hildur Guðnadóttir / 古典 / 2009-03-31


Hildur Guðnadóttir is a cellist and composer. Best known for her collaborations with múm and guest appearances with Pan Sonic, she has a rich catalogue of collaborations and varied projects behind her.
Guðnadóttir began playing cello as a child, entered the Reykjavík Music Academy and then moved on to musical studies/composition and new media at the Iceland Academy of the Arts and Universitat der Kunste in Berlin.
As a composer she has written music for plays, dance performances and films, pieces for chamber orchestras, various instruments, voices and electronics. Guðnadóttir likes to explore the nature and movement of sound, and often turns her experiments into sound and visual installations. She recently co-composed a live soundtrack to Derek Jarman's 1980 film In The Shadow of The Sun with legends Throbbing Gristle, arranged choir for performances by them in Austria and London.
Rebels in Control have designed her new website, launched in support of her second solo album (and her first for Touch), "Without Sinking". The website runs on a CMS spine, so Hildur can update the contents herself. Its design features the beautiful landscape photography of Jon Wozencroft, used on the album's packaging.

Without Sinking的曲目列表

1 Elevation (5:58)
2 Overcast (3:18)
3 Erupting Light (2:22)
4 Circular (4:19)
5 Ascent (4:43)
6 Opaque (3:51)
7 Aether (5:11)
8 Whiten (4:52)
9 Into Warmer Air (6:11)
10 Unveiled (7:12)

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