Bloody Vengeance

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Vulcano / 1986


Angel - Vocals
Zhema - Bass
Soto Jr. - Guitars
Flávio - Guitars
Laudir Piloni - Drums
Released as RBR 010
Recorded and mixed in 24 hours.
Re-released on vinyl in 1989 by Metalworks with different artwork.
Re-issued on CD by Cogumelo Records in '99. On this version the seventh track
is, by mistake, only 0:17, with the rest of "Voices from Hell" making up the
first minute or so of the eighth track (which is 5:11) before "Bloody Vengeance"
Re-released in 2009 with a bonus DVD, "Show da Morte Fest", Belo Horizonte - MG
Length: 43' 30"
Witches' Sabbath
Dominios of Death
Guerreiros de Satã
Spirits of Evil
Bloody Vengeance
Guitar Solo
Drum Solo
Death Metal
Legiões Satânicas
Destruição Total

Bloody Vengeance的曲目列表

1. Dominios of Death 02:53 [view lyrics]
2. Spirits of Evil 03:38 [view lyrics]
3. Ready to Explode 01:38 [view lyrics]
4. Holocaust 03:46 [view lyrics]
5. Incubus 02:11 [view lyrics]
6. Death Metal 03:49 [view lyrics]
7. Voices from Hell 01:26 [view lyrics]
8. Bloody Vengeance 04:02 [view lyrics]
Total playing time 23:23

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