Love Is Not Pop

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El Perro del Mar / 流行 / 2009-04-01


Her new seven-song mini-album, titled Love Is Not Pop and recorded with one half of Balearic funk duo Studio, Rasmus Hägg, is a welcomed mini-curve ball. The set will come out in Sweden on April 1 via Licking Fingers (U.S. release date coming soon) and the new song "Change of Heart" is currently streaming at the EPDM MySpace. She's got a few bleached-out new publicity shots, too.

Love Is Not Pop的曲目列表

1. Gotta Get Smart play button
2. Change Of Heart play button
3. L Is For Love play button
4. Let Me In play button
5. Heavenly Arms play button
6. It Is Something play button
7. A Better Love play button
8. L Is For Love (Low Motion Disco's Additional Lo... play button
9. Change Of Heart (J Rintamäki Remix) play button
10. Let Me In (Nhessingtons Remix) play button
11. Gotta Get Smart (Identity Remix) play button

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