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Regina / 2009-02-11


Regina is a Finnish electropop band, made up by Iisa Pykäri (ex-Pajula) (vocals), Mikko Pykäri (synths and programming) and Mikko Rissanen (electronic drums and percussion).
They became a real band after the audience and the club promoters had spotted the 3 early demo tracks they had put available for download on their website. After receiving enough encouraging requests for a live performance composer-producer Mikko P and vocalist Iisa met electronic drummer Mikko R. They made their first public appearance at the Semi Final club in Helsinki, and were signed by Next Big Thing at the very instant. After charming the festival and club audiences with their refreshingly honest and natural approach on music they found themselves being 2005 one of the most talked new acts in Finland.
“Regina’s electronic pop avoids musical calculating and meaningless distance. Simultaneously grotesque and beautiful backgrounds blend in shameless melodies in their music. The result is sure to evoke strong feelings from either end of the emotional spectrum.”


1. Vapaus
2. Tapaa minut aamulla
3. Totuus minusta
4. Terveiset päiväntasaajalta
5. Saanko jäädä yöksi?
6. Sain levyt joita et halua kuunnella
7. Tango merellä
8. Olen häviöllä, Pauli
9. Sinun tässä salissa
10. Musta musta puutarha





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