Vråen Centrum

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Dag Rosenqvist / 电子 / 2021-02-15


Since 2005, Swedish sound artist Dag Rosenqvist has released 30 albums, EP’s and cassette tapes in different constellations, the main one being Jasper TX that was put to rest 2012. Other constellations include From The Mouth of The Sun, de la Mancha and The Silence Set. He has also collaborated with Machinefabriek, Mike Weis, Aaron Martin and Simon Scott and released albums on Miasmah, Fang Bomb, Experimedia and Kning Disk.
To start a second year, Laaps is glad to have his new album on board, a new turn on the Dag Rosenqvist's works, it could be a soundtrack and it should be. Between "Blade Runner", "Stranger Things", and "Dark",
Dag Rosenqvist has made his own chapter.

Vråen Centrum的曲目列表

1.Att Komma Hem
2.In i Ljuset
3.Åskledaren i Prostsjön
5.Tidens Flod
6.Mot En Nollpunkt
7.På Vidösterns Is
9.Hela Vintergatan
10.Lämnar Allt Igen

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