Juliana Hatfield / 2021-05-14


Indie rocker Juliana Hatfield has announced her forthcoming album, Blood, set to be released May 14 via American Laundromat Records. To tease the album, Hatfield released “Mouthful of Blood” from the record today. The upcoming release will be Hatfield’s 19th studio album, an impressive number for any artist.
The Boston-based artist first came onto the alt-rock scene with her first band, Blake Babies, in 1986 while still in college, before joining The Lemonheads on bass. Hatfield then refocused on her solo work, releasing her first studio album Hey Babe in 1992.
“Mouthful of Blood” is the eighth song Hatfield’s forthcoming album. The single is groovy and melodic, yet somehow manages to be punchy, shown by the repetition of the line “I bite my tongue, my mouth full of blood” throughout the chorus. This same grittiness and bite that presents itself in an upbeat, catchy melody is a motif throughout Blood, according to Hatfield. On this theme, she says, “I always love coming up with melodies and then trying to fit words into them … I always find places to use the Mellotron flutes and strings, on every album, because those sounds are so beautiful to me. They are a nice counterpoint to the damaged lyrical content.”


1. “The Shame Of Love”
2. “Gorgon”
3. “Nightmary”
4. “Had A Dream”
5. “Splinter”
6. “Suck It Up”
7. “Chunks”
8. “Mouthful Of Blood”
9. “Dead Weight”
10. “Torture”



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