Notes With Attachments

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Pino Palladino / Blake Mills / 爵士 / 2021-03-12


This is Pino Palladino’s first record of original music. All album material co-written and produced by Blake Mills. The album has no single sound – showcases various styles of playing with a strong emphasis on ambitious composition and listeners can trace homages to J Dilla, Fela Kuti, Roy Hargrove throughout.
Other musicians include Chris Dave, Larry Goldings, Andrew Bird, Ted Poor, and more. This record is being released as part of Blake’s imprint “New Deal Records” in partnership with impulse! records under Verve Label Group.

Notes With Attachments的曲目列表

1. Just Wrong
2. Soundwalk
3. Ekuté
4. Notes With Attachments
5. Djurkel
6. Chris Dave
7. Man From Molise
8. Off The Cuff

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