Living The Dream


Hailey Whitters / 流行 / 2021-02-26


Hailey Whitters is an American country musician originally from Shueyville, Iowa.

Living The Dream的曲目列表

1. Ten Year Town
2. The Days
3. Red Wine & Blue
4. Dream, Girl
5. Loose Strings
6. Heartland
7. Janice at the Hotel Bar
8. Happy People
9. The Devil Always Made Me Think Twice
10. All the Cool Girls
11. The Faker
12. Living the Dream
13. Fillin’ My Cup (feat. Little Big Town)
14. Glad to Be Here (feat. Brent Cobb)
15. How To Break A Heart (feat. Lori McKenna & Hillary Lindsey)
16. How Far Can It Go? (feat. Trisha Yearwood)
17. The Ride (feat. Jordan Davis)

Living The Dream的短评(4)

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