Running With The Wasters

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The Takeover UK / 2009-03-24


Pittsburgh's The Takeover UK are unabashedly pop, though their punk attitude comes shining through on their debut, Running With The Wasters. Thick power chords and snotty vocals that teeter between sugar and snarl collide against a thick, Spector-like wall of sound fulfilling the promise of Johnny Thunders and the Ronettes. Hints of `70s glitter put a coat of high-gloss on their blue-collar work ethic, but there is no concealing their guts. 'Pop is not a dirty word,' says vocalist/guitarist Mark. 'We're chasing the perfect pop single.' Ryko. 2009.

Running With The Wasters的曲目列表

1.The loney ones
2.Never been so sick
3.Ah la la
4.Running With The Wasters
6.Distant shores
7.Kill me dead
8.Sleep it all aways
9.Birthday boy
10.Damn tryin
11.Main street crush
13.Don't wait up

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