Recollections Of Memory

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A Shoreline Dream / 摇滚 / 2009-02-10


A Shoreline Dream has been best described as a “melodipsych / post rock” band combining lush sampled textures, wall of sound dynamics, and vocals layered like a synth, similar in vein to bands such as Ride, Slowdive and Sigur Rós. Originating & recording in Barnum, Colorado they have recently joined forces with German Mastermind Ulrich Schnauss and the infamous producer Mark Kramer (Low / Joy Zipper / Galaxie 500) on the release of their sophomore LP “Recollections of Memory”, due out on February 10, 2009.
In the fall of 2007, after a West Coast tour with Innaway and an appearance at The Roxy for Filter’s “Revenge of the Sunset Strip”, A Shoreline Dream learned that Ulrich was listening to their album and loving it. Soon after, Ryan Policky (the vocalist & guitarist) contacted him via email, and the two decided to team up and release the song “neverChanger” on an EP put out by “latenight weeknight records”, which coincidentally is the label created by two of the original band members of A Shoreline Dream, Ryan & Erik Jeffries. This was set up originally to eliminate the common restrictions of an external label taking control, giving the band more room to breathe on all sides of the spectrum. After over 4 months of being in the top ten sales through their distributor “toneVendor”, and an extremely well received Austin to Denver tour with Ulrich Schnauss , A Shoreline Dream and Ulrich teamed up again to record three new tracks for the album, including an organic version of “neverChanger” as performed on the tour.

Recollections Of Memory的曲目列表

01. Manhattan Beach
02. Hypermode (Featuring Ulrich Schnauss)
03. Seattle
04. Departure (Featuring Ulrich Schnauss)
05. The Night Before
06. Neverchanger (Featuring Ulrich Schnauss) (Live Mix)
07. Mid Decembers
08. The Missing
09. Interlusion
10. Pasadena

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